Baker McKenzie Main Reception and Entrance

Baker Mckenzie Entrance Reception

Duration: 22 weeks
Location: London, Main Reception
Designer: Scott Brownrigg

Following on from the successful completion of the 6th floor conferencing suite and separate reception area we were appointed once again by this renowned global law firm to undertake the refit of their main reception.

Scott Brownrigg were also reappointed to design a new concept that would retain the – firms traditional image but offer a showcase entrance space to it’s guests, clients and staff that would embrace new modern design techniques to give a reception area that is functional, efficient and of the highest quality finishes.

The clients brief was to retain a fully functional reception for the complete duration of the project which could not be relocated elsewhere with access to the lift cars and stairs. The client did not want any areas of the project to be revealed until the final grand opening so all finishes had to be carefully concealed from view. Also no noise could be tolerated during the day.

Our Approach

With this in mind Skyline Green designed and implemented a ‘boxed style’ hoarding system allowing visitors to enter the existing two story reception as normal, the existing reception desk and security pass barriers remained in place and guests and staff could access the lifts, stairs and all corridor doors as normal.

The hoarding box incorporated painted walls which would be kept repainted and tidy throughout the project, and a suspended ceiling system with inset light fittings creating a single story welcoming reception. Works were carried out at night and weekends when the suspended ceiling system would be removed and replaced – each night allowing works to be carried out discreetly outside the hording area from scaffolding that was completely hidden from view.

As works progressed inside the hording area they would be covered with temporary finishes each to hide the end results from view but still maintaining an existing quality feel within the temporary demise. For example, when the stone flooring was laid this was temporarily hidden
from view by overlaying carpet tiles.

As part of the new reception design an existing first floor mezzanine level previously hidden from view was to be incorporated into the reception space to give a larger open area. This included the existing mezzanine floor being structurally rebuilt and its curved shape straightened, finished with a stylish glazed balustrade to offer a viewing platform over the new lower level reception.

Other structural changes also involved the removal of the existing glazed front facade and revolving door set with the installation of new steelwork, glazed faceted planar system and new revolving door set.

Within the reception area the works include a new air conditioning system, rewiring of all electrical services, Fire alarm alterations, new LED lighting design, new security pass gates, bespoke Oak timber cladding to parts of the ceiling and walls, stone flooring and new stone stair treads which were carefully selected at the quarry source in Spain, bespoke joinery items in Corian, Leather and timber, bespoke artwork fitting, lift car refurbishment (also carefully horded so as not to reveal the finishes until the end), new inset curved stone handrails and inset bespoke LED curved lighting.

The project also involved some refurbishment works to the existing ladies and gents WC’s located up on the first floor mezzanine level.

The complete new front facade was hidden from view with Skyline Green’s bespoke design and manufacture of a veneered removable paneled hording system which would be seamlessly blended into the existing building fascia, complete with 3 sets of glass temporary doors until the final reveal at the end.

The logistics for this project were extremely challenging. We did not want to interrupt our people from their work so all the construction was done at night. Every evening, the builders would descend and transform the entrance into a construction site. But by morning everything was packed away and tidy ahead of the arrival of our people and clients.
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