Baker McKenzie Conference and Dining Facilities

Baker Mckenzie Exterior Building

Duration: 16 weeks
Location: London, 6th Floor Conference Suite
Designer: Scott Brownrigg

The 6th Floor at this prestigious Global law firm offers its clients and overseas visitors a fine dining experience whilst offering and maintaining a full and comprehensive and corporate conferencing facility catering for all sized parties.

The well maintained floor has kept its look and original attributes for over 17 years, capturing the company’s projected image perfectly.

In all businesses development is key, and being a renowned Law firm they have a global presence and global guidelines to consider which unites their corporate image worldwide.

The appointment of a designer to create a new concept whilst keeping within the global guidelines was paramount to the success of this project. The appointment of Scott Brownrigg paid dividends, and with their help the concept was presented and approved.

After a successful tender process Skyline Green was appointed as the principle contractor to take the project from design stage to reality whilst maintaining constant use of the facilities.

In the tendering process we were asked to produce a working programme showing how we would maintain the continuity of business. The considerations were at any one point in time there were 31 rooms in active use, corridors would have a constant flow of personnel traffic including catering staff with trolleys delivering fine dining.

Our Approach

We provided a rolling programme removing no more than eight rooms at a time and after the initial two week period the client reclaimed one room daily whilst we removed the same. This allowed us to advance continuously around the floor on an eight day cycle redirecting personnel accordingly. Corridor transformations were carried out over weekends and evenings to avoid disruption.

The project also involved the complete re design and refurbishment of the 6th floor conferencing reception which was to be temporarily relocated allowing us maximum use of time to carry out its demolition and the re constructing of the new design.

A large element of the project involved bleaching, staining and French Polishing all the clients existing cherry wood finished doors, skirting’s, frames and timber folding walls to match them to the darker walnut wood finish being provided for their new conference tables. This offered a large cost saving from replacing them with new and ecologically made best use of their existing materials.

As principle contractor, Skyline Green provided the following services:

  • Project Management including CDM control
  • AutoCAD design alterations
  • M&E services
  • Data services
  • Fire System Alterations
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Washroom Refurbishment
  • Curtain wall Spraying
  • Stone Masonry
  • Partitioning
  • Ceilings
  • Decorations
  • Carpentry
  • Glazing
  • New Perimeter blinds
  • Raised access flooring and carpet laying

Skyline Green really took the time to listen to our needs, understand our firm’s culture
and brand, and incorporate that into their ideas. Throughout the project, they listened
to our feedback and always kept in mind the culture of Baker & McKenzie – making the
end result a true reflection of our firm. We are really pleased with how our reception
area turned out, and so far the feedback we’ve had from our clients has been
universally positive.
Scott Jones Baker & McKenzie